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Our legendary birthday parties have be altered to comply with the new COVID-19 regulations. Your typical 3.5 hour long adventure includes survival/bushcraft, target archery and the obstacle course. All three activities are tailor made to suit party goes of all ages.

We can offer Birthday Parties on Saturday and Sundays only

Party Alpha runs from 9am-1230pm

Party Bravo runs from 930am-1pm

Party Charlie runs from 1pm-430pm

Party Delta runs from 130pm-5pm

Facilities are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please avail of them at every opportunity.

Each party will have their own storage area and toilet, so please make sure that your children arrive ready for action as we need to minimise facilities interaction.

All food facilities are temporarily suspended, so please bring bottles of water.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time, in your active clothes and ready to go.


Cork, County Cork, Ireland

Please wear old clothes and bring a change of clothes in case you have incidental contact with mud and the great outdoors in general.

Footwear (runners you don’t mind getting wet)

Cool or rainy: Light fleece, thermal top, woolly hat

Warm: Sun hat, sun glasses (string attached), sun screen

Please note booking closes 24 hours in advance

Obstacle Course

The cornerstone of the adventure campus is the custom built obstacle course. This sounds like a half kilometer of hell but don’t be afraid, it’s also the most fun on the island. You can run through it in time trails or you can work as team taking the “dead bob” through it. Whatever your choice it is an absolute must as part of your visit.


We have a purpose made archery section in the adventure campus, where your instructors will fully equip and demonstrate how to use your bow and arrows. The environment is totally different from the norm, the woodlands are your playground and your targets are among the trees. Test your skills and become an excellent marksman or “toxophilite” if you please.

Combat Archery
Experience the hunger games in real life, but without real arrows tips. Instead we have foam tipped heads. We operate under licence from Battlezone Archery, so our combat zone is one of the safest in Europe. We set up the combat zone to cater for the numbers booked in, up to a maximum of twenty people at any one time, so let the games begin…

Target Practice
We have a falling plates section of the adventure campus where you can test your speed and agility through the course. The objective is to hit your target, move, reposition, aim, fire and repeat. We use BB guns in a closed environment to ensure the safety of all concerned. This is an activity that recreates every action movie you have ever seen, without those loud and noisy explosions.


We have purpose made pod areas for bushcraft and survival skills, where you retire over to the knoll and begin your return to the wild. You’ll learn a variety of new skills, including shelter building, fire starting and bush cooking. You may even pick up a bit of whittling, trapping and tool making to prepare for “outback way of life”.

Find the Sniper
If Fota Island Resort is your own private island, then “Find the Sniper” is the fort you build out of couch cushions in your front room. We have purpose made Ghilley suits that match our surroundings, so this is the ultimate hide and seek, military style. This is a game truly adored by all and provides memories for a lifetime, provided we find everybody at the end of the day…

Field Games

Adventure can be quite tiring, so not everything has to be high octane, all of the time. This is where the field games come in. Our instructors have a vast array of purpose made games, some of them require team work, some require problem solving and some just involve basic participation (so let the others do the work). The key aspect of the field games is the social interaction with each other.

We have a variety of different orienteering trails throughout the resort, with different levels of difficulty depending on your requirement. All of the equipment is provided in order to give you a fun filled adventure, but be warned, some of the trails have hidden tasks and all is not always what it seems to be…


Rest assured that our staff are trained and certified to the highest standards.

They are aware of your safety needs and have the experience to deliver fun in a thoroughly safe environment.

This is what you say about us and our attitude towards your covid comfort zone   

Fantastic birthday party venue  
"My son had his 11th birthday party at Fota Adventure recently. From start to finish the experience was first class. Terry made sure all the boys had an absolute ball. They all have ambitions to join the army after spending the afternoon with Terry !! Venue is very safe , covid compliant and outdoor back to nature fun. Keep up the great work Terry , Ken and all the staff at Fota adventure. Thank you!"
Rachel from Ireland on Oct 05 2020


Cork, County Cork, Ireland